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ProgramsDisabled Certificate Issue Camp at Chevella block of RR District on 11March, 2008
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Animal Care

“To make Quality, Affordable & Sustainable Animal Health Care, accessible.”

Project Contribution

•   Provide effective & proper Healthcare to the livestock
•   Increased awareness about need of Animal Health care among rural population
•   Affordable & Accessible Healthcare services made available to the rural population
•    Decrease in the number of cases of livestock death

Care & Support

• To provide reachable, cost effective, free/subsidized  healthcare  to diseased animals
• To Advocate with Veterinarians for effective functioning of Govt. hospitals
• Strengthen policies for efficient delivery of Community Based Animal health care


• To Introduce awareness regarding Scientific Animal Health Care (Preventive, Regular & Seasonal) to the rural population
• Spread awareness regarding other issues like regular de-worming, disease prevention and Fodder
• Encourage the participation of the local communities in the design and delivery of animal health care services


•  To involve local communities/ youth in the Animal health care services being offered
•  Train the community on animal health and control of animal diseases and their vectors
•  Train various Community Members to participate in Animal Healthcare

Our Casues - Ecuador
Our Casues - Ecuador
Our Casues - Ecuador
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