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Knowledge is a powerful means of liberating the children, and their families, from the cycle of poverty and hunger

Our Objectives::

  • To build Awareness on the importance of Education: 80% of the School drop outs or those who have never attended schools do not realize the need for education.  The basic need is that of creating the awareness about the importance of education.

  • To ensure availability & access of Basic Education for every child: By offering incentives that encourage children to attend school and their parents to send them to school - a midday meal or midmorning snack, for example. With full stomachs children can concentrate and learn better.  Also by expanding the school networks to provide education and address the insufficient distribution of school infrastructures in rural areas.

  • To improve the quality of education available for children: The curriculum should also be relevant to their lives. They might not care about the circus or the supermarket but they may need to learn how to milk a cow or how to handle pesticides. Thereby impart quality education and training in life skills to the children.

  • Protect, empower and integrate vulnerable children within the communities and to enhance public awareness around children's needs and issues. Focus on gender issues to promote equity in schooling among girls and boys.
  • Improve poor children's overall development and readiness for further education within a sustainable quality system.


Some of the findings based on the rural health services research agenda,:

  • Rural people need more schools, with improved teaching methods, techniques and materials, focusing on their real needs

  • The problem of hunger & illiteracy are  related.  Studies showed that increasing education has a direct effect on improving agricultural production

  • Collaboration among education and agricultural specialists represents an important step forward, it has led to the creation of a new partnership initiative called Education for Rural People

  • Most of the world's poor and hungry live in rural areas. Rural children who are hungry simply do not have the energy to attend school or to learn effectively. Hunger impairs both their mental and physical growth.

  • There are infrastructure problems too - there is a lack of schools in rural areas or where are there are schools, there is no proper infrastructure.

Our Casues - Ecuador
Our Casues - Ecuador
Our Casues - Ecuador
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