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ProgramsDisabled Certificate Issue Camp at Chevella block of RR District on 11March, 2008
Health & Nutrition Childcare & Education Sustainable Resuce & Rehabilitation Disability Animal Care

Systematic research into disability has been scarce, especially from India, even though an estimated 5% of the population may have significant disability due to physical disorders. Depression as a common psychiatric disorder affects about 3%-5% of the population. Thus, the impact of disability related to physical, mental and substance use disorders is enormous. The “Disabled” include individuals with physical disability, individuals with mental disability, individuals with alcohol/drug-related disability, family members of mentally disabled persons, family members of physically disabled persons and health professionals.   Awareness regarding the existing laws and social programmes is uniformly poor across. Stigmatization is also a major reason for under-utilization of the meagre resources available. There was poor awareness of the Disability Act, 1996. The consumers felt more comfortable with the earlier terms of 'handicap' and 'impairment'.

The problem of disability is gaining more and more importance all over the world.

Our Objectives

  • Web Accessibility - Enabling everyone especially people with disabilities to access and use technology and information products

  • Focus on education of learners with disabilities
  • Promote sustainable livelihood opportunities and facilitate socio-economic development

  • To provide Job opportunities on par with the Abled resources

  • To empower disabled citizens by establishing a rehabilitation and development center with the ultimate goal of integrating disabled individuals into mainstream society

  • To develop the rural disabled communities in a systematic, scientific and in an integrated manner

  • To instil self-confidence, encourage self-reliance and meet the individual needs of persons with disabilities through  Community based Rehabilitation (CBR).  CBR is an approach to integrate disabled persons within their own community, by making use of possible local resources and making the community aware of their collective responsibility
Our Casues - Ecuador
Our Casues - Ecuador
Our Casues - Ecuador
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